David Koch Tries (And Fails) To Ride A Skateboard

“YOLO!” exclaimed David Koch to all the major Gen Y deities he knew by name. It was 9:53am in the Sunrise studios and he was to risk paralysis by GIF shame and/or spinal injury after being told to step atop a four wheeled land board following an interview with 10-year-old Australian skateboarding prodigy Keegan Palmer.

But the gods did not answer.

As expected, his attempts to stand motionless on a skateboard while someone held his hand resulted in irrecoverable insult and injury after he lost control of the board and struck hapless Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage in the ankle in a manner most un-swag.

Koch (crestfallen) later confessed “I’m too old for this shit.” And he was right.