Kochie Ripped Into Tony Abbott On ‘Sunrise’ This Morning

Prime Minister Tony Abbott appeared on Channel Seven’s Sunrise this morning to address the results of a new Fairfax Ipsos poll positing that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is viewed by Australians as stronger, more competent and more trustworthy than our dear, incumbent leader. It did not go well. He called David Koch ‘Chris’. 
First, after Koch takes the PM to task on his waning popularity, Abbott literally stumbles at the first hurdle [the act of basic utterance]. Later, when asked if he’d needs to apologise for misleading the public for breaking a litany of promises, Abbott again demonstrates a propensity for not only reiterating the same hackneyed phrases but also for appearing to not know to whom he’s talking that would be frankly quite impressive if it weren’t so troubling.
Even if you’d rather eat your left foot than watch David Koch and Tony Abbott talk at each other for six minutes, you’d be well-advised to watch the interview to completion below. This kind of ineptitude is fast becoming a breakfast television staple of an unnerving frequency, one rivalled only by Katy Perry guest appearances.