‘Sunrise’ Nervously Addressed An Indigenous Protest Held At Beach Broadcast

Sunrise has addressed a group of roughly 100 demonstrators calling for Indigenous land rights during the breakfast TV show’s broadcast, with hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage expressing obvious concern over the protest.

The show, which is being broadcast from the Gold Coast’s public Kurrawa Beach, was joined by the group of protestors early this morning. Demonstrators brandished banners and gave calls of “always was, always will be Aboriginal land.”

In an initial on-air statement – given as vocal protestors gathered just behind the set – Koch said the show supported their right to protest, but had attempted to restrict alleged foul language from being aired on the broadcast.

“Happy to have them here for them to express a view,” Koch said, “but we have to be a little careful with language and aggression because regular viewers would know we get a lot of families and kids here.”

Armytage then alluded to another recent backlash against Sunrise, sparked by the show’s decision not to include any Indigenous panellists during a discussion on the potential removal of Indigenous children from their families.

Later, Armytage said “it’s terribly sad that this gets a bit hijacked and becomes like this.”

Koch brought up a subsequent panel of Indigenous experts Sunrise asked to discuss the issue – which itself was only brought about after broad condemnation, and after Sunrise used a generic backdrop during its broadcast instead of showing protesters outside its Martin Place studio.

“As long as it’s not aggressive towards others, particularly families or people close by, we don’t mind it,” Koch said.

In a statement obtained by News.com.au, Queensland Police said authorities “respect the rights of people protesting lawfully and peacefully in Queensland.”