We can all rest easy with the knowledge that season two of Australian douche chills factory The Celebrity Apprentice will feature just as many D-listers as its predecessor. Also, TWO former reality contestants and an “obnoxious short shorts wearer” more iconic than Warwick Capper. Upping the D-list wattage of its cringey first season, the show will feature Baywatch star and noted cheeseburger lover David Hasselhoff – the show’s first international contestant. The Hoff joins former AFL player Jason Akermanis, former Australian Idol judge Ian “Dicko” Dickson, media personality Patti Newton, Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson, The Amazing Race contestant Nathan Jolliffe, MasterChef favourite Marion Grasby, water-ski and boxing champ Lauryn Eagle, comedians Vince Sorrenti and Fiona O’Loughlin, Getaway host Ben Dark and “Bollywood actress” Tania Zaetta.

The show will air later this year.