Who Is Enty Lawyer? The Guy Behind Crazy Days And Nights Has Been Exposed By His Mistress

The identity of an anonymous gossip blogger known as Enty Lawyer who’s been churning out the wildest celebrity rumours ever on his blog Crazy Days and Nights AKA CDaN has been revealed.

For folks who may not be familiar with this intense realm of the internet, Crazy Days and Nights is a blog jam-packed with blind items — which is basically a code word for Hollywood gossip.

Most of the time, the entries do not identify who the gossip is about, but it’s made obvious with clues such as “foreign-born actor” or “B-list celeb”.

A quickie example! (Image source: crazydaysandnights.net)

But what makes Crazy Days and Nights a huge deal in the blind items community is just how wild some accusations are. Some of which have landed the blog in hot water.

Last year, Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Diana Jenkins settled her lawsuit against the blog. She initially sued Crazy Days and Nights for several blind items and interviews that suggested she was associated with Jeffrey Epstein.

Who is behind the Crazy Days and Nightsblind item blog?

According to The Daily Beast, the juicy blog is licensed to California attorney John Robert Nelson, who posts steamy gossip under the username “Ent Lawyer”or “Enty” for short.

(Image source: crazydaysandnights.net)

Nelson — who had an unsuccessful run for Congress in 2018 — is said to have had his second life as Hollywood’s Gossip Girl exposed after a falling out with his mistress Cassandra Crose.

In a legal document filed in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida, as per the publication, Nelson alleged that Crose had falsely accused him of molesting her daughter, accused her of faking a pregnancy and spammed him with “explosive, violent and threatening” calls.

It is then alleged Nelson gave Crose USD$1,500 a month or more in order to protect his identity. However, when she learned about Nelson and his wife’s intentions to go to court and file a restraining order against her, Crose allegedly exposed his identity on social media.

In the complaint, Nelson never mentioned Crazy Days and Nights, but he does say he makes most of his money from a blog which could be the infamous blind items spot.

“For much of the past seventeen years, I have supplemented and then started making the vast majority of my income through an online blog and then in 2018 a podcast. Throughout the entirety of this period, my identity has stayed anonymous,” the complaint reportedly read, as per The Daily Beast.

Speaking to the publication, Crose denies she’s ever threatened or “shook” Nelson down for money.

Since the legal complaint was made, Crose has shared a number of voice notes on Instagram that were allegedly from Nelson. She also made several podcast episodes dedicated to “Enty Lawyer” on her podcasts Drenched In Drama and Cassandra Explains It All.

The case from the Nelsons against Crose was initially closed on December 5, however, The Daily Beast claims that Nelson filed a new case against Crose in Pinellas Country court which is currently pending.

Not much has been said on the Crazy Days and Nights site, however, Crose has continued to post about Enty on her social media.