Crack Open A Bottle Of Baileys, ‘Cos The ‘Kath & Kim’ House Is Up For Sale

The tizziest patch of suburban Australiana could be coming back into your loife, ’cause Kath And Kim’s ~ truly iconic ~ house is back on the market. And it’s so beautiful.

The Patterson Lakes, VIC abode, located 25 minutes from the very real Fountain Gates Shopping Centre (!!!), is up for grabs for the first time since 2011. It’s a bloody classic bit of Aussie architecture, with its very own dock that was fenced off during filming. For shame, producers – Kel should have shown that shit off.

The previous ‘owners’ – but let’s be honest, anything related to the show is basically ‘Strayan gospel and transcends ownership – say they still have punters rocking up to have a gander. Read: prepare to fend off other fans with a stick, like Kim did before her hornbag-housewife transformation. 
Still, if you’re in it to win it, the median house price in the area is upwards of $750k. Better cut back on the expenno kardonnay, then. 
Story: TV Tonight. 
Photo: ABC.