Okay, so the nation’s new favourite show of strength and pure flexibility ‘Ninja Warrior‘ has already given us so many gifts, even if one of them was the Twitter reaction to the sight of Deadpool‘s donger. 

But we don’t have to wait until the next Aussie episode to see more hectic feats of physical prowess, thanks to the depths of content from previous seasons of ‘Ninja Warrior UK‘, ‘American Ninja Warrior‘ and the Japanese original ‘Sasuke‘. It’s a content mine that keeps on giving, like watching Jerry Springer‘s ‘Baggage‘ on YouTube or finding ‘Survivor‘ re-runs on daytime television. 

There’s this fan’s nudie run, swooping in front of an actual competitor as he was just about to start the course. He gives fans some full-frontal views of his junk, before he’s nabbed by security. 

A country united to root for this 64-year-old British woman slowly but surely taking on the course. 

But not as slowly as this heaps chill guy, who baffled the show’s hosts with his ease on the course and his could-he-be-stoned-he-is-so-mellow demeanour.

This one-legged male model puts all of us lazy armchair warriors to shame.

As does this 41-year-old father who suffers from Parkinson’s. 

Apparently after being on the series three times (!!!) before, this guy wanted a challenge, so dressed up in the most cumbersome outfit imaginable as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  

Then there’s something I could honestly watch all day: minor celebrities trying their hand at the course for Text Santa, including a former Pussycat Doll

And, for Red Nose Day, Mena Suvari of ‘American Pie fame. 

Photo: C21 Media.