Corey Worthington’s TV Return On ‘Ninja Warrior’ Ended In A Wild DQ

He came, he saw, and he actually took off his sunglasses. The internet’s own Corey Worthington completed his Australian television return last night on Australian Ninja Warrior, but in the process fell foul to a wild disqualification that displayed just how truly, bizarrely, intensely strict the Ninja Warrior rules are.

As it turns out Worthington, 10 years removed from his infamous teenage party and subsequent life as a proto-meme following an appearance on A Current Affair, is now sporting the kind of rig Isuzu would kill for.

Making a run through Heat 3 of this year’s competition, Worthington appeared sporting his trademark yellow sunglasses, passing them off to sideline reporter Freddie Flintoff for safe keeping.

Smart. He’s all business here. No party to be seen.

Unfortunately for Corey, he copped a disqualification from the show after his back **JUST BARELY** grazed the water while attempting a hanging cargo net crawl.

Seriously, I sincerely doubt his skin was even wet after this. It is the tiniest of kisses on the liquid.

Unfortunately, that’s Ninja Warrior for you: A completely made-up athletic competition featuring absurdly difficult physical challenges that also has the most outrageously strict rule set known to man.

Somehow Ninja Warrior is has a stricter and more confusing set of rules than the NFL.

Unbelievably, if he’d actually worn his sunglasses through the course and, in the process of running it, they’d flown off his head and hit the water, that too would’ve been a disqualification.

‘Course none of that managed to bother Betsy Burnett, who took out performance of the night by conquering the entire course, becoming just the third woman to successfully complete the Australian Ninja Warrior first stage.

Also she’s a mere 151cm tall to boot, which makes her the shortest competitor this season.

Bloody solid effort, that.