In a new statement from her lawyers shared on her Instagram, Chrissy Teigen says that fashion designer Michael Costello faked those viral screenshots of her bullying him over Instagram DMs

“Chrissy is completely surprised and disappointed by Michael Costello’s recent attack, which includes fictional “screenshots” from 2014 of supposed private messages that Chrissy did not send,” the statement said. 

“In October 2014, she did post a comment on Mr. Costello’s Instagram when he was publicly accused of making a racist remark. After he denied the accusation and claimed it was based on a photoshopped comment, Chrissy deleted the comment, as was reported at the time.

“Chrissy has never conspired with anyone to harm his career. The stylist he also attacked in his recent comments was not a part of Chrissy’s team until 2016 and did nothing to harm Mr. Costello.”

The statement from Teigen’s lawyers added that Chrissy has had very little communication with Costello over Instagram. In October 2014, she reportedly posted a comment on his Instagram when he was publicly accused of making a racist remark. Then between 2018 to 2019, Costello commented on posts on her Instagram Stories about food and other things but did not receive a response back. 

“In one from 2018, he commented on an Instagram Story photo and said her lipstick ‘looks beautiful,’” read the statement.

“Another from 2019, said a photo of food ‘looks amazing.’ On the 28th of January 2019, he asked her, ‘are you going to the Grammys?’

“Over the years, Chrissy suggested her stylists connect with Mr. Costello for red carpet events, but ultimately other designers’ work was chosen.

“… When the supposed screenshots from 2014 were originally circulated last week, the name on Chrissy’s account was misspelled. Several media outlets recognised this and chose not to run it, since it was clearly manipulated.

“This week, the fabricated screenshots were cleaned up with the correct spelling of Chrissy’s social media handle’ however, they could not actually be from 2014 because they feature elements that were not a part of the Instagram app in 2014.”

Taking to Instagram, Chrissy Teigen said that while she believes Costello faked the screenshots, she doesn’t want fans to “bully this man under the masquerade of defending me.” Although, if it continues, she says she isn’t afraid of taking things to the “court of law.”

In the caption of the post of screenshots of the legal statement shared, Teigen said: “I’ve taken it all. I’ve heard it all. I just beg for you to know the truth.

“Michael, you are now causing actual pain to people who are trying to better themselves. Enough. Or this will go further. Not here but an actual court of law and every dime we win will go to an anti-bullying charity focused on turning this shit show into a positive.”

In response to the statement, Michael Costello said on Instagram: “Chrissy Teigen has gone out of her way to close doors to my career by making calls, sending texts, telling colleagues and companies that if I were attached to a project that she would not work with them. I have receipts of emails and confirmations from these individuals and companies.”

Earlier this month, Chrissy Teigen apologised for bullying people online and her past behaviour. You can read the full statement here.