Rumour Has It Chrissy Teigen Wants An Oprah Interview Meghan Markle Style To Fix Her Damaged Rep

Chrissy Teigen Oprah

Rumour has it that Chrissy Teigen is trying to get a sit-down interview with Oprah, Meghan Markle-style, in the hopes that she can fix her badly damaged reputation amidst the cyber-bullying accusations against her.

A ‘source’ has claimed to the Naughty But Nice podcast that Chrissy Teigen is trying to set up a sit-down interview with Oprah where she can tell her side of the story and fix her damaged reputation.

“Chrissy is in talks with Oprah to do a Meghan Markle sit-down type interview and tell her truth,” the source said.

“Chrissy is a fighter and believes that she is such an excellent communicator that there isn’t a mess she can’t talk her way out of!”

Hmm… I’m not so sure about that since Chrissy has already tried to talk her way out of this one, and so far it hasn’t gone well.

“Every news outlet in the world has contacted Chrissy about getting her first on-camera interview, but Oprah is her first choice,” the source continued.

“If Oprah can forgive Chrissy, then so can the nation.”

At the moment, Chrissy Teigen is “being advised to go into hiding and lay low” after a slew of cyber-bullying accusations turned the internet against her.

It all started with Chrissy’s cruel messages to Courtney Stodden (who uses they/them pronouns) in, which included death threats. Stodden was only 16 at the time.

Since then, tweets and DMs have been resurfaced of Chrissy Teigen making other nasty comments about Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Abrahams and fashion designer Michael Costello.

Chrissy has since been mostly inactive on social media, and issued two lengthy apologies – but it seems like the internet is yet to forgive her.

I can see why Chrissy Teigen would go for an Oprah interview, like Meghan Markle did – for Meghan, it was a chance to quell false rumours about her, defend herself and finally tell her side of a narrative she had so far been excluded from.

But the thing is, it’s hardly the same situation for Chrissy. For one thing, there are actual receipts of her behaviour, which she has since admitted to doing. This isn’t a case of false rumours spread via racism like with Meghan – Chrissy actually did this stuff!

And then there’s the fact that Meghan was speaking out as a victim of bullying. Chrissy is the perpetrator in her narrative.

I can’t really see a way in which Oprah can fix reality – she’s not magical. But hey, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.