It looks like musical talent runs in the family because Guy Sebastian’s little brother Chris is the latest contestant on this season of The Voice.

If you weren’t already aware, the Australian Idol alum is now sharing his musical expertise as a judge on The Voice, but it looks like his little brother Chris could give him a run for his money because he’s just been brought back as an All Star in this season’s show.

This isn’t his first rodeo though, with the 31-year-old first hitting our screens way back in Season 1 on Team Seal.

Guy took to Twitter to share a behind the scenes look at his excitement (and nerves) before his brother’s audition. I’m calling it now, 2020 is the year we fall in love with the Sebastian family.

Chris took to the stage to perform ‘Jealous’ by Labyrinth, almost instantly getting all four judges to turn their chairs around. But this wasn’t just a case of playing favourites, the boy can actually sing. Like… REALLY well.

Although all four judges turned around during his incredible performance, he had to choose one coach to stick with for the season and Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland took the cake.

After telling Kelly to “look after [his] bro,” Guy ran backstage to give his mum a hug, in what capped off one of the most wholesome moments we’ve seen on reality television in a while.

Chris took to Instagram after the show to thank fans for their support, promising he would “do all he can” not to let Kelly down. But aside from the wholesome caption, can we please appreciate how much this man looks like Guy?! The resemblance is uncanny.

So… Do they have a third, equally-talented brother to join them? Does this mean we’ll be getting an Aussie version of The Jonas Brothers? Where is the Kevin Jonas Sebastian?