Chris Hughes & Olivia Atwood From ‘Love Island’ Have Apparently Split

While Dom & Jess were getting married on live TV, another (way more favie) couple from their season of Love IslandChris and Olivia – were in splitsville.

While the couple have been dogged with break up rumours since leaving Love Island paradise, this time around UK media seem to feel it’s pretty legit. A bunch of sources have come forward with deeper deets, basically.

“Chris broke up with Olivia over the weekend due to a breakdown in trust in the relationship,” a source told MailOnline.

The breakdown of trust is rumoured to be centred around Olivia allegedly texting her ex behind Chris’ back, although another ~insider~ has stressed that Chris is as much to blame.

“Chris has publicly humiliated Olivia on many occasions. Messaging Katie Price and lying about it, kissing a girl in the Sugar Hut and being verbally abusive at her work event, saying’ f**k Rita Ora and Liam Payne, I’m Chris Hughes.’ Yet she has stood by him despite people telling her to leave him.”

HOOO BOY. There’s nothing to indicate the split on Olivia or Chris’ Twitter or Instagram accounts, except for this cryptic reply to fellow Love Island star Amber Davies.

On a bigger problem scale, Olivia and Chris were working on a reality show together.

So what’ll happen now they’ve likely split?

“It will start with them moving in together and end with them breaking up. It’s a complete story if nothing else,” another insider told The Sun.