NSW Premier Chris Minns Stuns Kyle Sandilands After Revealing His Bathing Habits On Radio

New South Wales Premier Chris Minns has spilled the deets on his shower routine on Aussie radio, leaving shock jock Kyle Sandilands stunned.

If you’re chronically online, like me, you might’ve noticed the “shower discourse” on Twitter and TikTok. Usually, folks are fighting over morning vs. night showers as well as how many times a week you should bathe. The whole discussion is a hot mess.

Recently, NSW Premier Chris Minns shared his bathing habits during his time on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O. However, it appears that his routine has shook controversial radio host Sandilands to the core. Not shook in a ~slay~ way, but in a “HUH” way.

The topic of Minns’ bathing habits was brought up after Sandilands quizzed the Premier on “how often a human being should shower”.

The shock jock gave Minns a bunch of possible answers, including “every day, two to three times a week, five times a week and once a week”.

“I shower twice a day, so my option is not even there,” Sandilands revealed.

The NSW Premier shared that he only showered once a day, every morning.

“So you got your stank on you when you go to bed?” Sandilands joked.

Minns then answered the trivia question with “once a week”.

In response, Jackie O, Saniland’s long-time co-host, replied: “You filthy thing, of course not.”

Sandilands went on to reveal that “dermatologists say we should only shower two to three times a week”. To which the radio host described the recommendation as “rotten” and “revolting”.

Look, for me personally, I think that a shower once a day is fine, BUT I do prefer twice a day. Of course, like most people, showering in the morning kinda gives me an energy boost and sets me up for the whole day.

Showering as soon as I get home stops me from sitting around the house in my outside clothes. But hey, that’s just what works for me.

I don’t think I could ever follow the dermatologists advice of two to three times a week, but I can see why people may choose to do so.

A) cozzie livs is truly fucking with everyone, and bills are going through the roof, and b) disability advocates have previously spoken out about the shower discourse. Some people with disabilities are limited from taking daily showers as they may need assistance in and out of their bathrooms.

Earlier this week, Barbie actress America Ferrera added to the shower discourse after she confessed that “not showering for a few days” was her guilty pleasure in a Vanity Fair video.

At the end of the day, you gotta do what you think works for you!

Chris Minns, if you’re reading this, just know your showering habits are A-OK.

But pls make public transport free in NSW and help with cozzie livs. K, thanks bye.

Image source: Getty Images / Matt King