Pics From Kyle Sandilands’ Wedding Reception Are Here & Is This What A Million Dollars Gets Ya?

The first pics and videos have emerged of Kyle Sandilands‘ and his new wife Tegan Kynaston‘s wedding reception, including a speech from Kyle to Tegan that was surprisingly sweet.

And, as someone who makes his living having pretty polarising opinions on just about everything, at least he finally had something nice to say.

The radio host gave the speech in front of his 130 guests at Swifts the late-Victorian Gothic Revival property, where the reception was held.

As per the Daily Mail, the 51-year-old commandeered the mic as the guests sat down to their three-course dinner to tell his bride: “Baby – we’ve done it.”

“I always thought that the love I was looking for and that I wanted was a delusion and wasn’t achievable,” Sandilands said.

“You’ve changed my life and made me a better man. I love you, baby.”

As well as his speech, pics from the lavish reception were also splashed all over the Instagrams of the wedding guests and considering old mate said he spent a house deposit on just fresh flowers, its not surprising the reception looks just as OTT.

The reception included household name and Australian Idol alum Guy Sebastian performing while the couple and their guests danced the night away.

Image: Instagram/jackieo_official

As much as I hate to say it, the reception venue did look…beautiful – which isn’t all that shocking when you think about the eye-watering price tag that must have accompanied it.

Image: Instagram/jackieo_official

The couple also paid homage to Tegan’s Jewish faith at the reception, with the couple taking part in a very festive rendition of The Hora.

Image: Instagram/jackieo_official

In any case, trust Kyle Sandilands to have a wanky, million dollar wedding in the midst of a cost of living crisis. I’m sure there will be many more celeb studded pics to come out of this wedding.

I’m waiting for a close-up on that $10,000 cake.

ICYMI: Kyle Sandilands married partner Tegan Kynaston yesterday. Because the bloke “interviews” big names for his radio day job, it’s not surprising that the event is overflowing with celebrities. Is this… Australia’s version of the royal wedding? I hate it!

Are there any pictures from the ceremony?

You’ve come to the right place, my equally poor friend. The Kyle & Jackie O Instagram page just dropped a photo of the newly married couple. Can someone give the photographer who smashed this one out a raise?

kyle sandilands wedding photo
Image: @kyleandjackieo

I kid. If he’s photographing this spectacle than one can only imagine he’s getting paid a pretty penny.

Sandilands recently told listeners the wedding cake cost $10,000 and that $150,000 was spent on fresh flowers. So yeah, it was always destined to be wanky.

Image: @kyleandjackieo

There are also some sneaky videos on the Kyle and Jackie O Instagram page where the newlyweds can be seen looking very happy and in love and all that fun stuff that comes with finding your soulmate.

Side note: Tegan looks phenomenal. Congrats.

Who attended Kyle Sandilands’ wedding?

According to Sydney Morning Herald, there were 130 guests attending Sandilands’ wedding at the historic Darling Point mansion Swifts today.

kyle sandilands wedding photos
Image: @kyleandjackieo

This included Karl Stefanovic and his wife, Jasmine, Guy Sebastian, Jules Sebastian, Samatha Jade, Beau Ryan and, of course, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.

kyle sandilands wedding
Image: @kyleandjackieo

Musician Conrad Sewell is also performing.

kyle sandilands wedding
Image: @kyleandjackieo

“Wedding of the century, can’t wait,” Ryan said on Kyle & Jackie O’s Instagram Live, which was recording guests as they arrived for the 3pm wedding.

Image: @kyleandjackieo

According to ABC, Sandilands’ Best Man today is convicted drug smuggler Simon Main, alongside Kings Cross nightclub owner John Ibrahim who is said to be in the bridal party.

Image: @kyleandjackieo

Perhaps most controversial is Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese‘s decision to accept an invite to Sandilands’ wedding, as well as NSW Premier Chris Minns.

Image: @kyleandjackieo

Why is Anthony Albanese attending Sandilands’ wedding?

Anthony Albanese defended his decision to attend Kyle Sandilands’ upcoming wedding, which says a whole fucking lot doesn’t it.

Sandilands is a controversial figure in the Australian media industry thanks to his opinions on pretty much everything. And that’s me putting it lightly.

Allow me to refresh your memory: Sandilands called monkeypox a “big, gay disease”, made insensitive and downright offensive comments about the Paralympics, and asked a child rape victim about her sexual experiences on air — to name a few.

Albanese has, however, defended his decision to attend Sandilands’ wedding to Tegan Kynaston, saying he is an “Australian success story”.

I cannot even with that quote that literally came out of his mouth.

kyle sandilands wedding
Image: @kyleandjackieo

“I said I’d go. And I keep my commitments, including to Kyle Sandilands,” Albanese said, as per ABC. He also “promised” he’d DJ at the wedding when he was on air in January.

“One of the things about Kyle Sandilands — I’ll say this — a bloke who at one stage was homeless, living on the streets of Sydney, and has grown into someone who is a significant public figure, is a part of what is an Australian success story,” Albanese said.

When pressed on his decision to attend, Albanese also declared that he is “not in charge of the invite list”.

Albanese appeared on The Kyle & Jackie O show earlier this week where Sandilands reminded him about the wedding on the weekend.

“It’s there, it’s in the diary. I’ll be seeing you there,” Albanese responded, noting that he’s “looking forward to it”.

Deputy Opposite Leader Sussan Ley didn’t think there’s anything wrong with Albanese “going to a friend’s wedding” but thinks the fact that it’s the day before the federal budget might piss people off.

“Australians will rightly ask whether the Prime Minister should be spinning decks at a million dollar wedding when people can’t afford their rent,” Ley said.

I think she’d be right. There are a few other questions we have too, but yes, that’s one of them.