OMG: King Chris Hemsworth Had A Cameo In The Latest Loki Ep And We All Bloody Well Missed It

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In news that’ll absolutely delight you (me), it turns out Chris Hemsworth had a tiny cameo in the latest episode of Loki. And I’m willing to bet most of us missed it, because it really is… tiny. 

So in episode 5, Journey Into Mystery, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is trying to escape The Void. It’s basically a purgatory where he meets variant versions of himself, which includes Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei), and… Alligator Loki (CGI gator).

As the four variants lead Loki to their underground hideaway, we see this lil’ guy trapped in a glass jar.

Frog Loki Chris Hemsworth
Loki / Disney+.

Who is that? That’s Throg! A wee Thor in frog form.

Throg is a real character from the comics who, due to his tiny frog form, is sadly not as strong as the Thor we’re used to seeing. The poor guy is trapped in a glass jar buried in the dirt and while we don’t hear him say a word, we do hear him grunt.

Anybody could’ve voiced Throg grunting – could’ve voiced Throg grunting – but according to director Kate Herron, it was none other than Hemsworth himself.

“We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way,” Herron told the For All Nerds show.

“We recorded him for that. His voice going ‘Ahhh!’ That’s a whole new recording. Not recycled. He recorded that,” she said.

That, my friends, is dedication.

I just played back the scene and now that I know it’s Hemsworth, I can’t unhear it.

Throg is just one Easter egg in episode 5, by the way. It’s absolutely packed with little bits and pieces from Marvel… and history.

I won’t list them all, but the really obvious one is the U.S.S Eldridge that quite literally falls into The Void toward the end of the episode.

Depending on who you ask, the U.S.S Eldridge was alleged to have been [checks notes] made invisible and teleported to another dimension. It’s otherwise known as the Philadelphia Experiment, if you wanted to give that a Google.

Another fun Easter egg is the Thanos Copter, which I reckon is the people’s favourite out of the bunch. It pops up as the Lokis head to the hideaway.

Loki is streaming now on Disney+, with the season finale dropping this Wednesday.