Chk Chk Boom Girl To Launch Acting Career

Only the internet knows the secret to what makes someone or something youtube meme-worthy. There’s no set criteria or players manual that exists to articulate the right or wrong attributes required for a certified meme – and if you take a look at the disconnected composite of videos in youtube meme history you can see it really is a cultural phenomenon devoid of any rules. Double rainbow guy, the bedroom intruder song, dramatic hamster, Charlie bit me, and of course Australia’s own internet star the Chk Chk Boom Girl.

The screen career of Chk Chk Boom AKA Clare Werbeloff was first launched after her “fat wog, skinny wog” eyewitness account of a Kings Cross shooting was broadcast on Channel Nine News, and once the internet got a hold of the footage the rest was meme history. Not satisfied with this fifteen minutes, Werbeloff has since chased fame within every conceivable avenue (Ralph magazine covers, presenter for reality tv pilots, etc), and her latest effort to crack the entertainment industry is a debut acting role in a TropFest entry.

The short film by Gaby Dabscheck is entitled The Witness and is about a guy who becomes addicted to the media after witnessing a shark attack at Bondi Beach and Werbeloff plays his girlfriend. Ho ho! Get it? The finalists for TropFest have not been decided yet, so there’s no guarantee that her acting debut will go public.

Today is the final day to get entries in for TropFest, the largest short film festival in the world. Details at