‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Taps Meme Hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s Viral Power

Rurally and romantically challenged dating show ‘Farmer Wants A Wife‘ must’ve fixed their WIFE-I ROUTERS because they’ve tapped the viral power and wonderful meme-ability of champion Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke for the show’s Olympic themed promo.

While there are no hip-shaking jazz hand antics, Jenneke has successfully managed to hurdle her allotted fifteen minutes even further, but only just misses out on the bouquet. Hopefully that doesn’t serve as a metaphor for longer term career prospects. In the mean time, Shelley, take your wonderful life-enriching meme baton and run with it; parlay your Internet fame into whatever ventures you can, just as long as they don’t involve magazine covers, á la that other Australian brunette internet sensation, Chk Chk Boom (the important difference here being that Jenneke actually has talent). Regardless, say ‘yes’ to almost everything else. You go, Michelle Jenneke!