UPDATE: !!! (Chk Chk Chk) New Video

Brooklyn sextet !!! refuse to follow one of the most important rules of band naming which is: Don’t use symbols. This is largely unchartered territory – bar Prince’s brief, pioneering stint as this:

But it’s obviously a a logistical nightmare when it comes to announcing your band at a gig – i.e. how are you supposed to pronounce something spelled in WingDings?

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) are releasing their long-awaited fourth album on 20 August called Strange Weather Isn’t It? and, like their previous albums, we’ve guessing the new tunes will be best listened to while punching your fist in the air rhythmically while spasming across a dance floor. The album was recorded in Berlin amidst the turmoil of losing two band members and the shocking death of former drummer Jerry Fuchs (also of the Juan McLean), who fell down an elevator shaft in November 2009, which undoubtedly lent to the darker undercurrent of the new material.

The first taste of the new album is “AM/FM” which you can listen to on the band’s myspace page. More fist-pumping, body-spasming indie dance coming soon.

UPDATE Geez. Sorry about the old news. Here’s some new news: the video for “AM/FM”.