Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Thinks Snowboarding & Oakley Sunglasses Are “White” Culture

chet hanks cultural appropriation

Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks has managed to make headlines once again, only this time it’s because he’s genuinely convinced that “snowboarding”, “Billabong t-shirts” and the word “gnarly” are white culture.

If you know me at all, you’d know that I’d literally give my life for Tom Hanks, so I’m slightly upset to find out that it appears his son Chet spends his time trying justifying cultural appropriation by comparing a white person with dreadlocks to a Jamaican person wanting to snowboard.

This is the second time Chet has been accused of cultural appropriation, after he was filmed at the Golden Globes appearing to mimic Patois, despite being very much American and not at all Jamaican.

But he’s really upped the ante this week, responding to criticism in his “Chet Chat” Instagram videos.

“Let’s say there’s a Rastafarian with dreadlocks who grew up in Jamaica watching the X Games and Olympics… and said: ‘Hey man, I’d love to snowboard one day, that looks fun!’,” Chet began to ramble. “When he grows up, he takes a trip to Colorado and hops on snowboard… and falls in love with it. He wants to move to Colorado and wear Oakley shades and Billabong and totally get into the scene – play flip cup and beer pong and say: ‘Yeah dude! I was just shredding gnarling pow, just hitting huge kickers, busting threes, just shredding through the trees. It was fucking gnarly dude.’”

Ahh yes, I love my culture. Oakley shades and Billabong t-shirts are *definitely* an important part of “white” culture.

“Are white people supposed to get mad at him for appropriating their culture? How ridiculous would that be if white people were like ‘no, no, no, this is our culture’… so my question is how come it doesn’t work both ways?”

Naturally, people were quick to point out exactly how ridiculous this all sounded, and basically just said white people have no culture. Clearly, those people don’t understand the cultural significance of Oakley shades.

“People are saying white people have no culture. That to me, is confusing because just look at all the different varieties of European cultures like French people vs Swedish people vs German people.”

Pass this man a shovel because Chet Hanks is really digging himself into a hole here. If you thought “reverse racism” was bad, prepare yourself for reverse cultural appropriation.

Here’s hoping Tom Hanks’ sweet angel nature eventually rubs off on Chet.