Charley Is Already Gunning For Bachelor In Paradise, Which Will Probably Be Noosa At This Rate

Charley Is Already Gunning For Bachelor In Paradise, Which Will Probably Be Noosa At This Rate

The Bachelor‘s Charley Bond is already gunning for a stint on Bachelor in Paradise and honesty, you’ve got to admire the hustle. PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Charley after she was booted from the mansion in last night’s episode. And look, she absolutely had things to say about the cocktail party drama and all that, but she’s also just heaps keen to give it another go.

The Bachelor has proven to work in the past,” Charley said, referring to a slew of couples who have found genuine love on the show. Matty Johnson and Laura Byrne always come to mind first because of how CUTE their little bb is.

“I’m 25 years old, I’m ready to find someone to settle down with,” Charley continued. “Unfortunately it didn’t happen on The Bachelor but that’s okay, because also being on The Bachelor you would see that opportunity to potentially go on Paradise or something like that so if I didn’t win his [Locky Gilbert] heart, then there are other opportunities for me to potentially find love through the franchise.”

Charley is honestly the first person I’ve spoken to from Bachie who has been so straight-up about wanting to go on BiP. Here for it.

She also just doesn’t see the point of a girl code at the cocktail party. During last night’s episode, Bella Varelis kissed Locky at the cocktail party, causing Roxi Kenny to become extremely upset.

“Look, I’m sorry, but if my lips were close to Locky’s lips and he wanted to mack on, there’s no way I’m going to pull away and be like, ‘Sorry babe! Girl code’. No! We’re all there for the one reason,” Charley said.

She added that she didn’t think it was a dick move for Bella to kiss Locky either, because it’s so obvious that they have such a connection.

“If I was in Bella’s position, yeah sorry, I’d be going for it,” she said.

“I’m sure those other girls wouldn’t pull away either. If it was Roxi, I doubt she’d sit there and pull away. She’d probably go for it as well.”

But back to Paradise, Charley said she’s “100,000%” keen to go to Fiji (or Noosa, maybe, considering the pandemic).

“Purely because the experience was so amazing for me so I would be silly to give up another opportunity like this,” she said. “And secondly, I haven’t found my happily ever after yet so I need to be sorted out. Paradiseeee!”

Like honestly, if we don’t see Charley on Paradise next season I’ll be absolutely shooketh.