Channel Seven Are Suing The Australian Federal Police After The Schapelle Corby-Related Raid

Following on from a scathing press release sent by Seven West Media‘s CEO Tim Worner a couple of days ago, word is out that Seven are suing the Australian Federal Police. According to Worner the Seven offices were raided by “officers with exposed guns,” which was allegedly due to an alleged $2 million exclusive interview deal that Channel 7 were offering Schapelle Corby. Allegedly.

After noted Pro-Scather Worner hinted at their intention to sue the AFP immediately after the raid, the Federal Court registry in Sydney has today confirmed that the documents have been filed.

The statement from Worner read: “We have been subjected to raids which were a waste of public money and a charade. We have been publicly tarnished. And it now appears the AFP confirms none of this was necessary.”

He continued by saying, “We take our role as a media company seriously. We will pursue news” (#fierce) and concluded with: “We can confirm that reports of $2 million or $3 million offers for an interview with Schapelle Corby are complete and utter baloney.”

There you have it.

via Sky News and ‘Statement from Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media’