Apparently The Australian Federal Police Are Pretty Pissed About Channel Seven’s Schapelle Corby Deal

The Australian Federal Police raided Channel Seven offices in Sydney this morning as part of a criminal investigation allegedly linked to Seven’s pending Schapelle Corby interview for which the newly paroled drug mule will be paid a reported $2 million.

According to reports, the AFP has not yet confirmed the specifics behind the raid but a spokesperson has said, “The AFP can confirm it has executed a number of search warrants in
Sydney in relation to an ongoing Proceeds of Crime Act matter. As this
matter is ongoing it’s not appropriate for the AFP to comment further.” Meanwhile, representatives from the Seven network told ABC news it believes the raid is connected to its negotiations with convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby for an exclusive interview.

The planned interview between Corby and reporter Mike Willesee has been widely scrutinised due to the massive payday Corby stands to make from the exclusive, and Indonesian deputy Justice Minister Denny Indrayana has already stated that the interview will breach the conditions of parole and cause “restlessness in the [Balinese] community”; However, it is still always a concern to learn that the AFP is involved in a media matter.

While Corby (who has always maintained her innocence) has put in time for her crime, if you divide the purported $2 million for each year she spent in Bali’s notoriously un-chic Kerobokan prison facility, the deal Seven is offering amounts to over $222K per annum. If she had been working as a beauty therapist on the Gold Coast she could have earned around $700.00 per week (full-time and before tax) which adds up to $327,600 for the nine years she was behind bars.

Just a little food for thought.