‘New evidence’ in Schapelle Corby case

Fresh claims of bag tampering in the Schapelle Corby saga have (again) surfaced, following “new evidence” by an anonymous source.

The woman, who goes by the alias Sue, naturally went to Channel 9 instead of the Federal Police, who aired the exclusive last night. Sue alleges she was briefly dating a baggage handler back in October 2004 who worked at Brisbane airport (around when Corby was found with 4kg of marijuana in her bag). During that month, a colleague of her then boyfriend’s reportedly went to work with the bag of cannabis, and upon seeing his supervisor “the guy panicked and the first thing he did was look for somewhere to hide it, and he grabbed one of the bags that was behind him and hid it there.”

The woman, who chose now to come forward out of guilt, signed a stat dec regarding her claims to the network and gave Nine the name of her former boyfriend.

Corby’s Australian lawyer Kerry Smith-Douglas is calling for a judicial review of the case telling Nine it is “extremely important because [the evidence] is from an individual who is not known to the Corby family whatsoever.”

However an Australian Federal Police spokesperson has stated today that they won’t investigate until Corby’s defence team make an official complaint – which has yet to happen.

Corby is seven years into a 20-year sentence at Indonesia’s Kerobokan jail. Further investigation will either disprove – or prove – this theory of innocence. But seriously, who else prefers to tote their 4kg bag of weed to work for a doobie on the go?