The Veronicas Call The Celebrity Apprentice Premiere ‘Highly Edited’ After On-Screen Spat

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The Veronicas have issued a disclaimer following the airing of the first ep of Celebrity Apprentice Australia, where both sisters star alongside a host of local talent.

In a post shared to the band’s Instagram Story, the sisters, Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso, remind their fans that all is not what it seems on reality TV.

“We can’t believe we might actually need to preface this, but reality TV is highly edited out of ‘context’ to amplify drama and narrative that suits the agenda,” they wrote.

“Please use common sense and understand this is obviously not a transparent show – it’s a game show entertainment

“The only ‘business’ in this show is the business of entertainment and drama. And because of that, a charity made 180k last night, which is the whole point here.”

The Veronicas concluded, “Don’t get confused about what this is. And we will continue to bring you the laughs and relatability. Love you all x.”

Not entirely sure what prompted this, could’ve been their on-screen barney during the premiere ep.

Speaking of Celebrity Apprentice tea, according to New Idea, there was a huge on-set cast biff regarding, you guessed it, the pay sitch (I don’t think that’s what they’re discussing here, but it’s still interesting to note).

The goss rag claims “tension grew on set” when it was rumoured that designer Camilla Franks was “paid the least” of all the cast. Ouch.

The spicy report also claimed that none of the Celebrity Apprentice stars made “as much coin as you’d think” because the proceeds go to charity, which is fair.

“Forget the million-dollar salary Warnie banked for I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. This show doesn’t go anywhere near those sorts of dollars,” an insider said.

“If anything, pay should never be discussed among any cast and is always a dangerous game to play.”

The insider claimed that “during filming, a few well-placed industry insiders had leaked that a feud erupted during production, but it was strongly denied by Shaynna at an event this week.”

Apparently the highest paid of the Celebrity Apprentice cast was Biggest Loser fitness queen Michelle Bridges and radio dude Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli, who scored $50,000 each.

Meanwhile The Veronicas’ Lisa and Jess Origliasso are said to have made a combined $60,000.

And finally, Australian Idol bloke Anthony Callea, comedian Ross Noble and The Block judge Shaynna Blaze are believed to have made $30,000 each for their stint on Celebrity Apprentice. Do with that intel what you will.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia continues Monday at 7:30pm on Channel Nine