The Veronicas Slam Their ‘Hugely Privileged’ Celeb Apprentice Co-Star & Hook Me Up To The Tea

The Veronicas are among a bunch of local stars competing in the current season of Celebrity Apprentice and it’s been an absolute shit-fight from the get-go, let me tell ya.

The duo have taken to Twitter to call out several aspects of the show from the edit they copped to important scenes being omitted from the episodes.

Now, speaking on air with Fifi, Fev & Nick this morning, the sisters said they only agreed to appear on the program “to show the heart of who we are, and unfortunately that hasn’t been shown”.

“We had a great time on the show, but the reason we were there has been lost thus far, and we want people to know that we’re not happy about it,” they said.

The Veronicas then took aim at Lord Alan Sugar, a.k.a. the Donald Trump (ew) of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Jessica said her sister Lisa had been “wanting to spill the tea” about Lord Sugar for some time now.

“What I would have to say would be so shocking, I’m really not sure if I should,” she said. “The lack of respect as a general human being … him not turning up to your [interview] doesn’t surprise us, put it that way. It’s not really surprising behaviour.

“What we respect in people that have money, status, power is essentially that it’s a privileged position. With that privileged position should come a certain amount of grace and humble attitude. It’s disappointing when that’s not displayed by someone that’s in such a hugely privileged position,” Jessica added.

“As far as the show goes, we’re all there, we’re all giving our time, doing our best, these are our jobs. Having some decency and respect for people in that position – enough to maybe learn their names – is the bare minimum. But bare minimum of respect doesn’t seem to exist when you’re that big of a billionaire.

“We were raised with manners. I know he’s a hustler, he came from nothing, you just expect more grace than we experienced,” The Veronicas said.

“Or than I watched anyone experience with him,” added Lisa. “I think Jessie said it perfectly.”

The Veronicas previously took to Twitter to slam the direction of the show:

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