The Veronicas have openly slammed the producers of Celebrity Apprentice Australia for allegedly twisting their words and giving them a bad edit on the show.

The sisters claim that producers have used their story of their mother’s struggles with Lewy Body Dementia to twist their words throughout the show. According to the duo, the edit has made it look like they have brought up their mother to emotionally manipulate others and seek sympathy.

“This is for the crew and production involved in [Celebrity Apprentice Australia] that knows the truth,” Jess and Lisa Origliasso said in a blistering open letter.

“You signed us up for your show under the guise of charity and heart. Our genuine intentions and passion reduced to an edit. Portraying us strong-arming other team members and outwardly using our mother’s condition for sympathy and manipulative tactics is disgusting.”

The sisters then go on to claim that the producers “weaponised” their words and their mother’s name, “turning them into a knife” used to “stab” them.

“What you have done to us is gut-wrenching, soul-destroying and the lowest thing you could ever do to us as women, daughters and carers,” they continued.

“You have used us at the most fragile time in our lives. This was never a game to us, this is our reality we were fighting for… things don’t get better from here for us. So you win. I hope it was worth it.”

The Veronicas were appearing on Celeb Apprentice to raise money for their charity, The Brain Foundation.

This open letter to the producers followed two tweets on the matter written on Tuesday, which claimed that the edit of the show made them appear as “entitled brats”.

They also accused the show of using their words to make it look like they were emotionally manipulating and blackmailing people “for sympathy”.

Fans of the show and of The Veronicas have already poured out support for the duo online.

Nine, which airs the show (and for full disclosure, also owns PEDESTRIAN.TV), has declined to comment on the matter.