Good Morning To Henry Cavill And His Platinum Locks In ‘The Witcher’ Piccies

Henry Cavill has revealed some new glimpses from Netflix‘s upcoming series The Witcher, confirming his character’s platinum locks are still just a little distracting. 

[jwplayer V7nUO6Xw]

Taking to Instagram overnight, the actor teased fans of the lauded novel and video game series with his take on Geralt of Rivia. It’s all there: the furrowed brow, the silver sword, the general air of “I’m probably gonna have to kill a griffin or something, right?”


Joining Cavill on the show are Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra, who are set to play princess Ciri and sorceress Yennefer, respectively.

Images of those two follow the same dark fantasy brief, and under no circumstances are you allowed to draw comparisons to that other famous series. 

We’re still waiting for a Witcher release date, but you can reasonably expect Netflix to drop more information during this month’s San Diego Comic Con.

Time will tell if the wig succeeds Cavill’s absent Justice League moustache as the most distracting follicles of the dude’s career.