A new Super Bowl commercial for Belgian beer company Stella Artois confirms Sex And The City and The Big Lebowski occur in the same cinematic universe, which is precisely the level of inexplicability that 2019 requires.

The fresh advertisement features Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker as the show’s lead Carrie Bradshaw, along with Bridges as the The Big Lebowski‘s blessed burn-out The Dude.

Accompanied by tunes from their respective screen appearances, both parties enter a suave bar to place a drink order which seemingly alters the course of the universe. Instead of ordering her trademark Cosmopolitan, Bradshaw asks for a Stella Artois, and in lieu of his classic White Russian, The Dude asks for… A Stella Artois! Wow! Fun.

The ad riffs on Stella Artois’ partnership Matt Damon‘s Water.org charity, which has the stated goal of facilitating clean drinking water in impoverished communities worldwide.

It’s the second Stella Artois tie-in from Parker and the first from Bridges, who teased the existence of Super Bowl crossover last week.

Of course, all of that is less important than the narrative implications of the ad: Charlotte Goldenblatt and Brandt are cousins. Miranda Hobbes and Maude Lebowski were lovers in college. Fuck it, Steve Brady has a blood feud with the Nihilists. Who cares.

Image: Jeff Bridges / Twitter