Super Bowl commercials aren’t meant for Australians, and the fact we see them at all is a testament to the culture-warping power of American capitalism. They advertise products we don’t particularly need, and probably can’t access. They slot between the periods of a sport clinically proven to destroy its players’ brains. Plus, companies expend millions upon millions of dollars for several seconds of branded content – and even share teasers for those commercials. It’s a lot.

The counterpoint to all of that is the fact Jeff Bridges appears to be reviving The Dude in 2019, and it’s probably thanks to a goddamn The Big Lebowski-themed Super Bowl commercial.

A new clip posted on the beloved actor’s Twitter account shows The Dude in his timeless knit cardigan, tip-toeing around the remnants of what looks like a party. He chuckles. A tumbleweed blows across the screen, because of course it does. And the date – February 3, 2019 – flashes on the screen.

What The Dude could adequately advertise is anyone’s guess. A bowling alley? Windproof urns? Rugs? Unless the Coen Brothers have decided to revive their legendary character for a new film premiering on Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll find out in between footage grown men demolishing each other for fun.

Image: Jeff Bridges / Twitter