Carlin Sterritt Of ‘The Bachie’ Opens Up On Struggles With Depression And Anxiety

Carlin Sterritt

Carlin Sterritt of The Bachelorette has taken to social media to open up on his struggles with mental health, and the difficulties he faced in seeking help.

Sterritt, who won Angie Kent‘s heart on the 2019 season of the show, said in his candid post that he was unaware he was suffering from depression and anxiety until a doctor diagnosed him.

The trainer and Instagram influencer wrote:

“It’s so easy to portray a happy, “blessed”, fun, easy going life on social media… but what people don’t see is the storm that we can have in our minds, the depression and anxiety that we struggle with daily. It’s even harder being in the public eye. People think they know you from your 15 minutes on TV. Will make up their minds about your whole character and even go out of their way to tell you how much they dislike you, without even scratching the surface of who you really are.”

Carlin Sterritt went on to share the contact information for Beyond Blue, telling his 131,000 followers:

“It took my doctor to tell me I suffer with severe depression and anxiety only months ago, for me to seek help. No this doesn’t need to be spread on social media and no this isn’t a pity party, it’s a raise for awareness! It’s difficult times right now with the physical isolation but please, PLEASE don’t keep it isolated and in the dark. Talk to someone, reach out for help!”