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Over the weekend, Married At First Sight (MAFS) star Cyrell Paule took to Instagram to share a video from an altercation that she and boyfriend, former Love Island star Eden Dally, were involved in at a NSW cafe.

In Cyrell’s Instagram story, the visibly shaken former reality TV star recounted an incident they say took place at the Pelican Café at Shoal Bay, north of Newcastle.

Cyrell and Eden explain in the videos that they were at the café when an altercation occurred.

The couple allege that a staff member from Pelican Café grabbed Cyrell around the throat before following her out onto the street, calling her a “black monkey”.

Cyrell, who is of Filipino descent, reposted footage of the incident captured by another customer, which shows a blonde woman grabbing her around the neck. While one woman involved in the incident is wearing sunglasses and appears to be a customer, it’s unclear whether the woman who grabs Cyrell is a staff member or customer.

Deborah Wilson, the owner of the cafe has since appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show where she alleges that the woman in the video who can be seen attacking Cyrell is not a staff member, but a regular customer.

Wilson alleges that she and her staff, who happen to be her two daughters, were not involved in the altercation.

“It was a customer, I saw everything,” she told the shock jocks. “My staff, which happened to be two of my daughters, were in the kitchen and we noticed [Cyrell and Eden] walking past and a customer went from my shop outside to take photos or video.”

She adds, “Cyrell was having a go at the customer for taking a photo or video as they were walking past. I don’t know what was said or happened outside.”

“They got in their car and drove past and did a u-turn and came back into my shop and said ‘does this cafe have an issue with us?’ and I said ‘no’.”

Deborah went on to say that the incident, which Daily Mail reveals is being investigated by police, has “ruined” her business.

“I have to turn my phone off. I’ve been getting calls non-stop of comments of saying I’m racist and my staff are racist and they’ve ruined my business,” Deborah said.

She insists: “Not in any way did I hear any racist comment made inside my shop.”

After receiving threatening calls and emails, Deborah took to the cafe’s Facebook page to claim that she nor any staff member was involved in the racist attack.

Credit: Facebook

“Hi everyone, I am the owner of Pelican Cafe takeaway. Myself and my staff who are my daughters witnessed an incident that occurred in our shop. In no way were we involved, nor were there any racial comments made towards anyone,” she wrote.

“I would appreciate people taking into consideration that this is my business, my livelyhood & my family. We have had numerous allegations towards us accusing us of being racist. This is NOT TRUE.”

She adds, “I have had constant phone calls, every 5 minutes, to both my work & personal phone of abuse. I have had no option but to unplug my business phone. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Local police are investigating the matter.”

Image: Instagram