Stan’s Dropped The Trailer For Bump Season Three & Fetch The Tissues ‘Cos It’s Emotional As Hell

Jacinda in school uniform and Oly saying goodbye to her and Oly hugging friend on street at night in Bump Season Three trailer

The iconic Stan Original Series Bump is coming back this Boxing Day, baby! To celebrate the ‘yuge news, Stan has dropped the trailer for Season Three and, in the best way possible, it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a heartwarming and emotional rollercoaster. I definitely almost shed a few tears.

Season Three picks up a stonking four years after the events of Season Two and *a lot* has happened.

For starters, Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi’s (Carlos Sanson Jr) daughter Jacinda (Ava Cannon) is starting school. I don’t want to get all “I remember when you were only yea high!” but it truly does feel like the wee lass was only born yesterday.

CUTIE. Photo credit: Bump / Stan.

Oly and Santi have broken up and are doing their dang hardest to navigate co-parenting, when he drops the bombshell on her that he’s seeing someone. A woman of my own heart, Oly reacts to the news in the most valid way possible: sobbing hysterically at the pub and then getting shitfaced. We’ve all been there, doll.

We also learn that Angie (Logie and AACTA Award-winner Claudia Karvan) has had cancer, which is an extremely devastating plot twist. However, in more positive news, Dom (Thank God You’re Here icon Angus Sampson) stans can rejoice ‘cos everyone’s favourite estranged husband is still in the picture.

The sensationally zen Bowie (Christian Byers) will also be coming back for Bump Season Three, which is really aligning my chakras.

Some gorgeous auras going on here. Photo credit: Bump / Stan.

The unconventional duo share a très sweet moment when Angie tells Dom she still needs him “like a woman”. Shania Twain has been found shaking.

Fan favourites Vince (Ioane Sa’ula), Reema (Safia Arain), Rosa (Paula Garcia) and Bernadita (Claudia de Giusti) will also be returning for Bump Season Three.

Praying we’ll see TikTok queen Millie Ford return as the school librarian, maybe at Jacinda’s primary school. I just know she’d go off teaching kids the Dewey Decimal System.

You can squiz the heartwarming and bloody emotional trailer for Bump Season Three in all its glory below.

The brand spanking new season will premiere on Boxing Day. I don’t know about you, but I know what I’ll be doing on December 26 when I’m *still* in a Christmas lunch-induced food coma.

You can catch up on Bump Seasons One and Two on Stan.