TikTok queen Millie Ford (@milligram96) is set to play the school librarian in Bump season two and that’s some A+ casting if you ask us.

That’s right, everyone who wagged Year 9 drama, the Sydney-based social media queen who masterfully re-enacts your Geography teacher when they interrupt your English class has been personally invited to appear in the new season of the hit Stan show.

What started as a silly little joke about her experience growing up in Australian schools – alongside “that condescending girl from high school that still thinks she’s better than you” – soon evolved into her becoming one of the most recognisable and prolific Aussie personalities on TikTok.

Knowing that makes this next bit of information hard to process: Bump is her *first* acting gig. It’s honestly hard to believe that looking at any of her videos where she’s such a natural on-screen.


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“Stan reached out to me, they DM’d me on Instagram,” Ford told Lauren Rouse from Pedestrian Group.

“After discussing it with them they said, ‘we’d love you to have a spot on this show.’

“I thought, ‘this is crazy,’ I don’t have any acting background. I did drama in high school and I’ve always loved acting but it’s always been mainly TikTok stuff.

When they reached out I was like, ‘absolutely’.”

Sorry… boys in the back. I’ll wait. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Young men, is there a reason you feel like you can have a bit of a chat during this important, all-school assembly, and disrupt Ms. Ford’s announcement? Save that for afterward, thank yew. Sorry, Mr. Rizzo-Smith, please continue.

Anyway, I digress. While Ford has yet to play a librarian character over on her TikTok account, her multi-faceted impressions of the universal personalities of high school teachers in Australian education systems have us already keen to see her on-screen debut.


@Millie Ford joins the brand new season of The Stan Original Series Bump!Premiering Boxing Day, only on Stan. #StanOriginals #BumpOnStan

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Little is known about her Bump character beyond the fact she’s someone who’s “very particular about where all the books are and all that”.

“If she’s popular I might bring her back [on TikTok],” Ford said.

“She’s got some fantastic clothes and quite a bit of personality but she also watched everyone like a hawk and knows if anything has moved.”

Hear that? That’s Logie’s calling, baby. I mean, just look at the material.

Source: Stan
Source: Stan

The pose? The stare? The chic librarian fit? If she ends up showing her softer side and bonds with a kid who spends his lunchtime reading in the library, I’ll scream. She’s absolutely gonna be in it for a hot minute or two and yet deliver the best fkn performance of the year.

“I love becoming new characters and I guess I want to challenge myself to see if I can embody another one,” Ford added.

“I think absolutely if the opportunity came up I’d love to develop more of an acting career.”

You can catch Millie Ford in the second season of Bump when it drops on Stan on December the 26th (Boxing Day), and in the meantime, you can absolutely study up on season one right now on Stan.

In the meantime, I’ll be here watching her TikToks and reliving that one nightmare where I’m doing my HSC exams all over again.

Image: Stan