The Stars Of Stan’s Bump Say They’re Plotting A Heartbreak High Crossover & We’re Living For It

Bump Season 3

In case you missed it, Bump season three hits Stan on Boxing Day. A belated Xmas gift for us all, if you will.

We know from the trailer for the Stan Original Series that Bump season three takes a four-year time jump from season two. Yep, little Jacinda (Ava Cannon) starts school this season and my heart can’t take it.

Her photogenic parents Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) aren’t together in Bump season three but trying to navigate co-parenting like the young, modern mum and dad that they are.

Bump Season 3
Nathalie Morris, Ava Cannon and Carlos Sanson Jr in Bump Season 3. Credit: Stan.

A spanner in the works: Santi starts seeing someone new, which Oly doesn’t… love. Hand me the popcorn and the leftover Christmas ham, Bump season three is gonna be a doozy.

Lauren Rouse from Pedestrian Group chatted to Morris and Sanson about Bump season three, and the stars explained how the time jump will play out.

“Every now and then there’s lines that are dropped that sort of give context as to the things that have happened in that time,” Sanson said.

“It’s nice the way they’ve done it, like you find out about the journey of those four, five years, very much throughout the season in little dribs and drabs,” Morris told us. “It’s not like, this is everything that’s happened between then and now.”

Sanson reckons skipping over a few years paves the way for a more exciting plotline. “It definitely doesn’t feel like we’ve we’ve missed anything. The jump has meant that it feels like it picks up exactly where we want it to pick up,” he said.

“The fact that Oly and Santi are separated and Santi is seeing someone else — this is where the drama is. This is where the conflict is now and this is the story that that audiences are going to be hooked into.” Like I said, popcorn required.

Bump has been a huge success for Stan, and seems to be riding the current wave of scripted television having a moment and reality TV bombing.

Case in point: Heartbreak High, another Aussie TV show about young people, was a huge hit earlier in the year. So do Morris and Sanson see it as a rival?

“It’s a great show,” Sanson said of Netflix’s high school drama. “But it is very different. I think the beautiful thing about Bump is that it reaches [many] generations. We’ve had 10-year-old boys come up to us down at [Sydney’s] Coogee, we’ve had people in their 40s and 50s come and stop us. My grandparents are in their 80s [and they] watch it in South America. Literally anyone can sit down and watch it and enjoy it. It doesn’t exclude.”

Sanson told us that the casts of both shows actually hung out at the AACTA awards this year and discussed filming a crossover. “We actually got to meet the cast of Heartbreak High and we were all saying that’s [a crossover] what Australia needs right now.

“We need Heartbreak High to jump forward five years. So Season Three creators listen to this now: you guys can jump five years so that we’re both at the same age, and then we do a crossover. I don’t know what that looks like but we need to have at least some cameos!” Insert maths lady GIF because I’m very confused.

Meanwhile, Nathalie Morris isn’t sure the ~aesthetic~ would work. “It would just be so fascinating to see Oly and Santi inside that kind of tonal world. Like, I feel like we would be super daggy,” she said with a laugh. “I feel like Santi would need a nose piercing and leather pants.”

“The first thing that comes to mind is I want to see the Santi and Vince (Ioane Saula) interacting with the other male characters in Heartbreak High,” Sanson told us. “I want to see what that energy brings. Because Santi and Vince are kind of the cool guys in Bump, I’m not sure they’d be the cool guys in Heartbreak High.”

Catch Bump Season Three on Stan from December 26.