Toighten Your Nups Bc Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Last Season Is Hitting Aussie Screens Very Very Soon

Brooklyn nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s final season is nearly here, and I am feeling more anticipation for this release than Jake Peralta feels for his annual Halloween heists.

The eighth and final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which may be the best sitcom ever, is set to premiere on August 12 in the US. Which, by the way, is only two weeks away. Cool, cool cool, cool.

There’s been a lot of interest around this final season, and not just because the show is fkn iconic.

The first four episodes were scrapped and re-written after the murder of George Floyd in America. Obviously, the public sentiment towards the police is less than favourable given the recent #BlackLivesMatter protests, and the writers knew they needed to acknowledge that in the show.

While we don’t know exactly what the new season is going to be about, we know that there’s going to be a focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and what that means for our beloved B99 characters.

The writers are also going to acknowledge front-line workers in the pandemic, because wow the world really has gone to shit in the last year, hasn’t it?

Anywho, lucky for us Aussie fans, SBS On Demand is beaming the premiere straight to Aussie screens the same weekend, so we can catch it while it’s brand new and shiny, too.

The double-episode is getting fast-tracked for us to watch on Friday 13 August, and then after that the episodes will be airing weekly on Fridays. But, beware: the episodes are only going to be available for a limited time, so if you wait too long you could miss one!! And considering this is the last season EVER of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, that would be an actual tragedy. You have been warned.

In the meantime, you can chase away your lockdown blues AND prep for the finale by binging all seven seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix.