Brooklyn Nine-Nine trivia nights are always booked out. They just are. And for good reason too – they’re so bloody good. But Fritzenberger in Brissy is taking things to the next level by hosting a – wait for it – Halloween Heist Trivia night. HOT DAMN.

As you can tell by its name, this particular game of trivia is inspired by all of Nine-Nine‘s spicy Halloween Heist episodes. Secure your place and maybe, just maybe, you’ll earn a title worthy of a championship cummerbund… or belt as normal people call it.

You can register for Fritzenberger’s Halloween Heist trivia sesh at its Petrie Terrace location right here. It’ll take place Friday, November 1. And you can suss out all the details on its Facebook. Better get in quick, mates.

Production on Nine-Nine‘s seventh season kicked off last month. Let us not dwell on Fox’s idiotic, stupid, fucked decision from a number of moons ago. Instead let’s celebrate some good news, like how Saturday Night Live legend Vanessa Bayer is going to be a guest star on season 7.

Nine-Nine has had its fair shares of guest stars in the past, including Maya Rudolph, Fred Arminsen, Jenny Slate, and Adam Sandler so of course we should expect no less in season 7.

We’re not exactly sure who Bayer will star as but if this cheeky piccie Andy Samberg posted is any indication, then I think she’s gonna star as a buddy cop.

Seasons 1 to 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on Netflix now.

Source: Concrete Playground
Image: Brooklyn Nine-Nine