Brooke Has Unloaded Her Side Of The Story After Locky’s Big ‘Bachelor’ Reveal

Australian Survivor: All Stars competitor Brooke Jowett has taken to Instagram to discuss her on-screen quasi-partner Locklan “Locky” Gilbert signing up for The Bachelor, admitting she was “hurt and a little blindsided” by the big man’s decision to chase love in the Bachelor mansion.

For the uninitiated, the Brooke and Locky exhibited some serious chemistry while in the Fijian jungle, and his decision to go full Rose Mode on The Bachelor stunned fans who assumed the pair would, uh, enjoy each other’s company outside of the show.

He put the kibosh on that kind of speculation. Now, Brooke has straight-up admitted “we had different things planned in our heads for what was to come over the next few months”.

In a relatively magnanimous statement, Brooke admitted “you can’t be mad at someone for doing what they feel is best for them, even if it does sting a little,” adding that her stint on Survivor was never defined by her proximity to the big man.

After wishing him well on his new Bachie journey, Brooke also let slip “It looks like I’m now going solo to Bali next month.” Rough.

Now, I am the most emotionally stunted dickhead on the entire PEDESTRIAN.TV editorial team, so I can’t really speak to the interpersonal dynamics at play here. But, as someone whose job often revolves around analysing reality TV, I can tell you this means Brooke will 100% be entering The Bachelor as an intruder.

Producers are leaving cash money on the table if they don’t take this opportunity to twist the knife a little further. Don’t believe me? Cop her full statement below, and tell me the folks behind the scenes aren’t already planning some heart-punching storylines.

Blood for the Blood God.

We’ll keep you updated on how this one plays out.