8 Facts You Needa Know About Our Smoking Hot Survivor-Turned-Bachelor, Locky Gilbert

Australia, your 2020 Bachelor has been unveiled and unlike last year’s contender, he’s absolutely no stranger to television: it’s Survivor champ Locky Gilbert.

Have a go at the handsome devil below, as announced on host Osher Gunsberg’s Instagram:

For people such as myself who aren’t super familiar with Survivor (that’s more my colleague Cam’s beat – I’m all about the dating shows so I need to get well acquainted with the lad), here’s a bunch of facts we should know about him.

1. He’s a Survivor All-Star

Despite being booted from last night’s ep of Survivor, he is an All-Star which means he was invited back to compete against other ace contestants after his stint on the show’s second season.

Locky has been described as a “challenge beast”, absolutely nailing most of the gruelling tasks that have been thrown at him over the years.

“I love the challenges. I know some people get scared when they see them but it’s the absolute highlight for me,” he told Ten. “I own an adventuring company in Bali so it’s the stuff I love doing. I do base jumping, canyoneering, extreme sports – this is the stuff I love!”

Lucky for him though, he can sit out the challenges this time and leave it up to the ladies.

2. He calls both Bali and Perth home

According to Ten’s website, Locky splits his time between Bali and Perth.

Unsure of whether he wants to settle down at either of these places after meeting his match, but I’m guessing that whoever wins might need to be flexible with travel as his work is in Bali, plus he describes himself as an “adventurer” in his Instagram bio.

Better update your passport, gals!

3. He’s a head guide at a Bali tourism company

He works at a Bali tourism company called Four Elements Adventure Bali.

They’ve been v. supportive of him over on their ‘gram, writing: “Four Elements Adventure Bali
Good luck to our head guide locky on @survivorau all stars.
You should be right at home on another island.”

I wonder if they know he’ll be needing an additional few months off to film another reality series…

4. He’s something of an entrepreneur

If he’d taken out the title of Survivor All-Star, he planned to give some of his winnings to charity (bless) and the rest towards starting a new business.

5. He scrubs up extremely well

Not to worry ladies, he’s not all board shorts and bandanas, your boi is also partial to a suit and he looks damn fine in it.

6. He’s an animal lover

Here’s an important one: he is a big fan of furry little friends.

His Instagram is peppered with heart-melting snaps of him playing with cute creatures he’s come across on his adventures.


7. He’s all about the environment

Unlike ~some~ travellers, Locky’s all about keeping the environment clean and reducing our discarded wastage, as seen in the above snap where he encouraged his followers to do the same.

“I don’t think there has been a place I have travelled, where there hasn’t been trash.
If we all just simply pick up just one bag of trash when ever you go on a hike, climb, swim even a beach day. We can make a impact.
1 Adventure = 1 Bag of rubbish.”

What a ledge.

8. He’s seemingly come out of a relationship in the last year


It would appear that he hasn’t had time to scrub his Instagram clean ‘coz I’ve just spotted a pic of him smooching a gal back in late 2018.

It’s unclear what the circumstances are here – maybe they left it on good terms so he’s happy to keep their kissy pic on his ‘gram or maybe he forgot it’s there and it will disappear shortly.

So just in case, here’s a screenshot of the smoking hot couple:

Looks like the gals have some shoes to fill!

There’s no set air date for season 8 of The Bachelor Australia, but we’ll let you know when it rolls around.

Any more dirt can be dug up on the dude via his Insta – happy stalking!