MAFS’ Bronte Has Revealed The Eye-Watering Amount of $$$ She’s Made On OnlyFans In 3 Days

Bronte Schofield OnlyFans

Married At First Sight 2023 contestant Bronte Schofield is the first MAFS contestant from her season to fulfill the reality star trope of signing up to OnlyFans. But judging by the eye-watering amount of cashola she’s already raking in, I bet a bunch of her co-stars are wishing they jumped on board too.

In a video shared to her TikTok, Bronte revealed that she managed to make a whopping $100,000 in just three bloody days on the platform. She captioned the vid “Did it for the plot [and] here we are”.

Just to state the fkn obvious, that’s more money than most people make in a year.

The 28-year-old announced her foray into the spicy site last Thursday. She posted a pic of herself wearing a hot pink bikini and captioned it “You asked for it”.

Shortly after, the long-awaited OnlyFans link appeared in her IG bio. Get that bag, sis!

While I generally make lots of jokes about the reality contestant-to-OnlyFans-star pipeline, I’m all for it. Especially with an earning potential of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who am I to stand in the way of a hustler making an honest buck?

According to another ‘Tok on Bronte’s page, it seems like joining the platform was the plan all along.

Going on a reality show to gain notoriety before starting an OnlyFans account is fkn hardcore. Talk about a high-risk, high-reward marketing campaign. Thankfully, it seems to be paying off.

So if you feel like a lil’ bit of Bronte spice in your life, I’m sure you know exactly where to go.

(Image Source: Instagram / Bronte Schofield @_bronteschofield)