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Dating is hard, but when you’re locked up in your own home thanks to isolation, it’s ten times harder. At least now we have a theme song to celebrate getting it on in armageddon.

Armageddon (It On)‘ is the brand new song from actor, improviser, comedian, writer and ARIA Award winner Bridie Connell, that pokes fun at how ridiculous it can be trying to date someone in these trying times.

The music video is a whole three minutes long, and features all the classic COVID-related comedy props such as toilet paper, a hazmat suit, disinfectant, and lots and lots of wine. This comes as yet another iconic video release from the comedian, who won Best Comedy Release for her song Sex Pest.

“Get down in the lockdown – isolation doesn’t have to be unsexy,” reads the video description, and we wholeheartedly agree. Let’s make isolation sexy again.

Honestly, the whole thing is just a real good time, and pokes fun at this whole crazy situation we’ve ended up in.

“This social distance has my love life suffering, video chat won’t work because of the bu-bu-buffering,” sings Connell.

“Boy you know I like you, I think you’re a solid ten, I promise I’m not ghosting you, it’s just the NBN.”

The whole vid has brightened up my day, and my isolation. Now let’s all start armageddon it on.