Brett Sutton Said Isolation Bubbles For You And A Mate Are Under “Active Consideration”

lockdown bubble

Melbournians living alone could soon have access to isolation bubbles as Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton revealed that the concept is “being talked through and under active consideration.”

The Chief Health Officer and certified snack took to Twitter to reply to a question asking if he could “consider household bubbles for singles” because the lack of human contact has been detrimental to some Melbournians’ mental health.

In surprising news, he replied announcing that the government is already considering the option as cases continue to drop under stage four restrictions.

If approved, it could mean that those of us without an ~intimate partner~ could at least have one close mate to isolate with in a sort of isolation bubble.

Obviously, I’m no epidemiologist (I’m just the girl who works the night shift at this here publication), so I can’t explain how or if lockdown bubbles would impact our current coronavirus figures. But considering that’s the stuff Brett Sutton is paid to know about, you can safely assume that’s what they’re working out right now.

It’s unclear if or when the idea will actually come into action, or if it’s merely a pipe dream, but Melbournians can rest assured that it’s at least being considered.

The news comes almost a month into stage four lockdowns across Melbourne that include a mandatory 8pm curfew for all residents.

As it currently stands, Stage 4 lockdown is set to end on September 13, with Victorian Premier Dan Andrews already hinting that the next step will be returning to the previous Stage 3 restrictions.

We’ll be sure to update you as more information regarding a potential lockdown bubble emerges. Until then, sit down, pour yourself a beveragino and stay the heck home.

More to come.