MAFS groom Brent Vitiello has revealed he almost got married to someone he barely knew AGAIN because apparently old habits are tough to break.

The influencer and his new girlfriend, Aussie model Taylor Davey, told Yahoo Lifestyle the whole story and it’s actually so damn sweet.

Brent said he first laid eyes on Taylor at local bar Eros Sydney, but he didn’t approach her at the time ‘cos he wasn’t sure if she was single or not.

“A week later me and Al [Perkins] were then flying to Queensland for a club appearance and heard a girl in the airport saying, ‘It’s the guys from MAFS! It’s the guys from MAFS!’ as we walked past them,” he recalled.

“It was Taylor and her sister! I then said to Al, ‘That’s the girl from Eros!’”

Taylor claimed she’d never watched MAFS and that’s what they all say, luv.

“My sister was then getting in trouble from security for standing [in the wrong area] waiting for me,” she added.

“Brent walked over and just said to security, ‘It’s okay guys, she’s just waiting for Taylor’.

“My sister was like, ‘He knows you, Taylor! How does he know you?’. I’d never seen him before in my life and was like, ‘Who is he?’. I had no idea.”

Brent then decided to follow her on Instagram after that night.

Weeks later, he was in Los Angeles with his mates and noticed from socials that she was in Las Vegas so they decided to head over to surprise Taylor.

“She told me Vegas was amazing and said we should head there to catch up,” Brent recalled.

“I then looked at the boys and said, ‘This is going to be a real love story, I can feel it. Just watch’. So we all went to Vegas… and it was a love story.”

Taylor said it was “amazing” when Brent rocked up and joined her mates.

“We almost got married in Vegas!” she said. “After three days together we just said to the driver, ‘Take us to a chapel!’”

“But I fell asleep before we got there!” Brent said. “We would have really got married if I didn’t fall asleep.”

They may not have gotten hitched but they’re still dating and happy as hell. Bless them!