Whispers Of Brad Pitt Taking Part In A ‘Friends’ Movie Have Well & Truly Sent Me

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Rumours of a Friends movie have been floating around for a hot minute now, with hopes for a Jennifer Aniston/Courteney Cox/Lisa Kudrow/Matt LeBlanc/Matthew Perry/David Schwimmer reunion subsequently ebbing and flowing over the past few turbulent years.

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Well, the latest fuel added to the Friends fire has now come from New Idea, who claim that a movie script is in the works, with none other than Brad Pitt expected to “likely return”.

I have just as many trust issues about these rumours as the next punter, so it’s probably wise to sip this hopeful tea with a grain of salt. Still, any tea involving Brad, Jen and Friends is tea I’m willing to entertain.

Long live Will Colbert, Ross and Monica’s high school pal and former member of the aptly-titled ‘I Hate Rachel’ fan club.

Given the OG cast-mates’ group flick on Jen’s ‘gram – involving some interesting lines on Perry’s phone – surely some chats surrounding a reunion have occurred.

Either way, can we just fantasise for a moment about the dream – albeit dubious – scenario of Brad and Jen reuniting on screen together? Holy Jesus. BRB, binge-watching all episodes for the entirety of the summer.