Blue Ivy, Child Of The Future, Has A Personal Shopper And Stylist

Does a six-year-old child need a personal shopper and stylist, you ask? Probably no-to-the-hell-no but if you’re Beyoncé’s glorious child Blue Ivy then yer, turns out you do. ‘Cos if you’re gonna raise your tiny lil’ hand and announce a bid of $19,000 for a piece of artwork in front of the world, you have to look the part of tiny human conqueror.

Ah, to be rich and famous and richhhh.

Manuel A. Mendez and his very aesthetic Instagram has been posting pictures of the Carters for a little while now and crediting himself for a couple of famous looks, although nobody really picked up on it much. Then the team over at Women’s Wear Daily  got in contact with Beyoncé’s rep who confirmed that yes, Manuel is the personal assistant shopper and fashion stylist to a six-year-old child.

How does one become a personal stylist and shopper to a six-year-old child? Are there mood boards involved and a tiny wardrobe full of tiny potential looks? I don’t know.

Manuel works under Parkwood Entertainment and initially started as one of Beyoncé’s personal assistants.

According to his Insta, Manuel is behind the looks of the below.

Blue and the family at the 2018 Wearable Art Gala. The one where she tried to buy a piece of art for a cool $19,000. No biggie.

Blue’s custom tuxedo pant suit by Valery Kovalska. 

Also a child in a completely white suit is a very confident move by Manuel. Not a single crumb or smashed crayon in sight – if Blue even touches crayons. She probably scribbles with literal liquid gold gel pens.

And Blue in dad Jay-Z’s Family Feud music video.

Well, there you go.

Just imagine when Sir and Rumi reach the ripe old age of five.

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