Famous Recluse Baby Blue Ivy Carter-Knowles Debuts Face, Upstages Beyoncé

Famous baby and reclusive demi-god, Blue Ivy Carter-Knowles ™ © ®, has debuted her face in public for the first time since taking leave from Beyoncé’s fabulous birth canal at this time last year.

In a post on Madame Noire [via Jezebel] titled, ‘We gone see that baby ya’ll, we gone see that baby ya’ll!‘ we finally see that baby ya’ll after someone leaked a still of Queen Bey holding The Face ahead of its premiere in Beyoncé’s HBO documentary about Beyoncé which was written, produced and directed by noted Beyoncé expert, Beyoncé, Life Is But A Dream [If You Are Beyoncé]; airing on HBeyO on Monday, AEDST. 
In other words, Blue Ivy’s Face just upstaged its mother-face; that’s a classic Beyoncé move if I ever heard one [Tina].
The Face made a tentative early appearance on a dedicated Tumblr last February before its indistinguishable baby features began to take a form that is being considered remarkable in its resemblance to those of its progenitors; you know, as the genetic scion of two people is wont to be. Here is a side-by-side of Beyonce as a baby with her baby, as a baby.
Prior to that, Blue Ivy announced her conception via her mother’s mic drop during an incredible live performance at the MTV VMAs, so her leaked facial premiere via Twitter is either incredibly #lame and #tacky, or chic and aloof; depending on how you view almost everything that will happen in the lifetime of this poor, unsuspecting infant human being, born into incredible beauty, wealth and fame.
Chic and aloof.