This Throwback Pic Of Baby Beyoncé Proves Blue Ivy Is 100% Identical

Hey look it isn’t Throwback Tuesday or Thursday, but when you’re Beyoncé’s mum the normal rules of the universe don’t apply, thus why she posted earlier today (Sunday in the States) a #tbt that is truly, just glorious.

Sharing the old pic of our Queen getting her braids done when she was nought but an ankle-biter, Tina Lawson (née Knowles) pointed out how similar mini-B looked to her current grand daughter Blue Ivy and she is definitely not wrong:

You want some confirmation of that insane doppelganger-ness?

Yeeeeep (Getty Images / Christopher Polk)

I mean, we already 100% knew this, but Blue Ivy is destined for Beyoncé levels of greatness and we honestly cannot wait for her to rule over all of us from her gilded Space Throne in 2050.

Bow. Down.