We Finally Know How Beyoncé And Jay-Z Picked Out The Names Rumi And Sir

Last week, in part one of his interview with the Rap Radar podcast, Jay-Z spoke out publicly about his elevator fight with sister-in-law Solange for the first time, and also explained why he took a dig at his mate Kanye West on 4:44.

In the second part of the interview, released overnight, he explained why he and Beyoncé chose to call their new twins Rumi and Sir, names that were initially revealed to the world by gossip monsters TMZ after reporters at the site went snooping through the couple’s legal filings.

“Rumi is our favourite poet, so it was for our daughter,” he explained.

As for their son Sir, Jay said that the name made sense given his demeanour at the time he emerged into the world. “Sir was like, man, come out the gate,” he told Rap Radar. “He carries himself like that. He just came out, like, Sir.”

Jay-Z also explained that the whole family will go on the road for his upcoming 4:44 tour, and he chose the dates specifically so he could spend some time with the new bebes before he hit the road.

“I booked the tour for October so I could have at least four months to just really bond and see their fingers and shit like that,” he said, adding:

They’ll be with me [on tour] anyway but I’m just saying, like, [I needed] a space where I’m not doing anything. I’m just focused on them. I’m not thinking about a show at night or anything like that. That’s why the tour is so far away from the release of the album.

The couple have never officially explained how they chose their daughter Blue Ivy‘s name, but it is widely felt to be inspired by Rebecca Solnit‘s novel A Field Guide To Getting Lost, after a 2012 social media post in which Bey highlighted a passage about the colour blue.