Okay, okay, okay, we have all now heard the news: Beyoncé has dropped the first pics of her Beybies, including their names and exact birthday.
Cutie patooties Sir Carter and Rumi were born on June 14, and were revealed to the world like this: 

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. ??????????????????????????

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In the couple of hours since Bey shared the good word, at like 1.30am for some Americans, the Beyhive (and the wider world) have lost their collective shit, the Insta post so far gathering over 2.5 million likes. Australians have now have something to gush over at the pub later, Americans are staying awake to make memes, and Europeans are waking up to ~pure joy~. 
But the reactions are more than just your standard Bey worship, because there is an important question to be answered: is Sir Carter his full name? Is it Sir Carter… Carter? Sir Carter Knowles? Sir Carter Carter-Knowles?

Well Rumi Carter and Sir Carter are the names Bey and Jay have attempted to trademark, does that clear anything up?

…Nah, still confused. 
Source: Twitter.