Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, a fan-favourite couple, were at ol’ mate Taylor Swift’s concert over the weekend when they had one hell of an adorable parental moment. Swift is currently on her global Reputation tour which is now slithering its way through America with songs such as Delicate, Look What You Made Me Do, and …Ready for it?. Another one of these tunes is Gorgeous, which if you’re unfamiliar with, begins with a voice recording of little 3-year-old James Reynolds saying the title of the song.

So, as Swift geared up to play the tune Mama Lively whipped out her phone and started to record because hearing your daughter on a track sung by a very big artist in front of a lot of people is undoubtedly one for the memory box.

A couple of fans at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts captured the moment the extremely proud parents lose their shit when they hear their little one’s voice.

Reynolds, despite initially being all cool-cool-cool-cool fist-pumps the air before immediately going back to cool-cool-cool dad and it’s great:

Also, woman cheering beside Lively? Gigi Hadid who’s been hanging out with Swifty over the past couple of days.

Turns out Gigi is the ultimate fangirl:

Honestly though, Swift has been performing to a shit ton of people:

You can listen to Gorgeous, below:

Swift will be taking her Reputation tour to Australia towards the end of this year. The 28-year-old will land in Perth in October before hitting Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. 

You can find out more about the tour, HERE.

As for Lively, you can catch her in the upcoming thriller flick, A Simple Favor co-starring Anna Kendrick. 

It’s sort of Gone Girl-y but you can see more of that from the trailer, below:

A Simple Favor will land in Aussie cinemas, September 13. 

Image: Getty Images / Matt Winkelmeyer