Former Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise contestant Blake Coleman has attempted to clear up, via his Instagram story, his comments about 2018 Bachelor contestant Brooke Blurton. 

For context: After that very normal ‘human lie detector’ episode aired, where Blurton revealed she was bisexual, Coleman posted an Instagram story with the words:

“Is now the right time to tell you that I was dating Brooke during the exact moment she decided to turn full lesbian? I literally have no hope with women. Just for the record she is a dope chick and a really good human. But guys, you have not felt pain and confusion until a girl leaves you for a girl.”


Although now, Coleman says his “‘comments’ on that story are being taken out of context.”

The response comes as Coleman says a couple of reporters approached him for comment which he found “alarming” because they only wanted to “focus on me saying she was a lesbian”. So now, he wants to clear things up.

Straight to it.

“At the point in time when me and her were dating, she decided to turn gay, at that point in time she obviously was figuring things out as any woman or man should at that age. 

“However many years later she actually started dating another guy so therefore there is no need for everyone to focus on “what sexuality she is”, in our society in the present day it’s a joke when everyone is trying to pin point someone’s sexuality like Brookes. She is Bi, everyone should get over it. I have soo many friends in the gay community it’s not even funny, hence why my comments are not a big deal unless you are homophobic.

“Everyone should focus on what I actually said and that was… Brooke is a really great girl and a really good human.”

You can read the full post below.

Credit: Blake Coleman


Image: Instagram / Blake Coleman